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T4-B Heavy Tank by StarToursTraveler T4-B Heavy Tank by StarToursTraveler
This is one of the vehicles from my Star Wars Fanfiction Series: Star Wars: The Shadow Wars. The series is currently between "Seasons."

Note: The information below is from my own universe which is a blend of old and new canon and it not to be considered canon in any other universe but mine.  I should also mention that this ship is canon (at least legacy canon) but its history is significantly different as far as my universe is concerned.

The image was acquired via Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption

Class: T4-B Heavy Tank
Manufacturer: Yutrane-Trackata
Armaments: 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, 3 Concussion Missile Launchers (Optional), 4 Mortar Launchers (Optional), 4 Flak Pods (Optional)
Defenses: Heavy Armor Plating, Deflector Shielding
Affiliations: The New Galactic Republic, the Rebel Alliance (formerly)

Nicknamed "the Beast" by Rebel soldiers during the Rebellion Era, the T4-B has remained the New Republic's first choice for heavy firepower. T4-Bs were used in combat against Imperial bases and could inflict heavy damage on Imperial lines. When the Empire sent out AT-AT walkers, Rebel Soldiers would retreat or surrender...that is unless there was a working T4-B on the front lines with them. The A single T4-B had the firepower to inflict significant damage against AT-ATs, destroy them even, and a single direct hit against the head of an AT-ST walker from the T4-B's heavy laser cannons could destroy it outright.

The T4-B of the New Republic hasn't changed much. If anything they have become much more dangerous, with the addition of deflector shielding to further increase their defensibility where they previously only had heavy armor plating for defenses. In addition to the optional concussion missile launchers and mortar launchers, an optional 4 flak pods have been added, allowing the T4-B to harass and discourage enemy aircraft from causing problems on the battlefield.

Some tank commanders have added special grappling hitches for soldiers to safely attach a safety line atop the armor over the treads and ride the tanks into battle. Some have even, some would say riskily, gone so far as to attach mounting brackets for E-WEB Repeating Blasters. The E-WEB operators would have to lie in the prone position to avoid getting caught up in the heavy laser cannon's line of fire to operate the E-WEB but in some instances it's proven effective in keeping enemy infantry away from the tanks.
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